This page contains videos that I've decided not to put on a stand-alone page, for miscellaneous reasons.

World of Warcraft - Video - Augure vs Malygos

VIDEO 19 - <Augure> vs Malygos


An aesthetic PvE retrospective of Malygos.

This was actually one of the most difficult bosses to film in a coherent way. Previous ones were Heigan in Naxx40 (Naxx10 and 25 are not exactly Naxx40), and don't ask why : Kaz'rogal in Hyjal/COT3.

I would have prefered this to be out in December, but due to work, recovering from leveling 10 levels, real life activities, gathering of a new Stamina/video stuff, new year, sickness, ... it could not !

Regarding the soundtrack : considering that the current high end PvE content of the game will probably become "medium" or "low" end PvE content when stuff as Ulduar and the Lich King will enter in the game, and will probably get forgotten as Maghteridon did ... I did not use one of my most "universal" soundtracks here. Curiously, I don't think that soundtrack fits well to the game, but I think that it fits well to Malygos encounter.
To avoid misreading/mishearing : They don't say "... when you accept your faith" but "... when you accept your fate", and according to my interpretation, the song is not about religious faith but it's about illusions/dreams we all have when we're younger and we're forced to put aside when we grow up and learn more about how the world really goes. I chose it for aesthetic reasons anyway.

World of Warcraft - Video - Augure vs Kil'Jaeden

VIDEO 18 - <Augure> vs Kil'Jaeden


Finally, after Naxxramas, Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep, Archimonde & Illidan followed by a complete Hyjal video, here's a video of the last boss in Burning Crusade. Just before WotLK.

World of Warcraft - Video - Augure vs Illidan Stormrage

JOYSTICK - <Augure> vs Illidan Stormrage


I haven't got the time to finish our Black Temple video. This video was made out of the images I had with a very short deadline for Joystick magazine. (It is not a part of our Black Temple video as I had planned it.)

World of Warcraft - Video - Augure vs Archimonde

JOYSTICK - <Augure> vs Archimonde


I haven't got the time to finish our Hyjal video. This video was made out of the images I had with a very short deadline for Joystick magazine. (It is not a part of our Hyjal video as I had planned it.) However, due to lack of space, this video was not included on Joystick's CD. The CD contained a special version of my "Tempest Keep" video (with a WoW/Warcraft3 soundtrack), and another video similar to this one called "Augure vs Illidan Stormrage".

World of Warcraft - Video Trailer - Tempest Keep - Tempest Keep, Battle of Mount Hyjal and Black Temple

TRAILER 01 - Tempest Keep, Battle of Mount Hyjal and Black Temple


A triple trailer presenting three forthcoming videos of Tempest Keep, Battle of Mount Hyjal and Black Temple with guild <Augure>.

World of Warcraft - Video - Deadly Arena screenshot



Subject: A guild PvP tournament in Gurubashi Arena. As some of my previous releases, at first this was supposed to be some kind of guild-only semi-improvised side project. In the end I enjoyed creating it and I like it, ... but due to its content and some ups-and-downs it is obviously no master piece in my opinion.

Of course I could have improved it by waiting for occasions to film more PvP encounters, but then I could have improved it endlessly and it did not interest me so much, I did not want to spend too much time with that, so I fixed the limit to the images filmed during that event.

For once I have used trailer musics as soundtrack. I had never done it before, and I don't plan to make it a habit in future projects ;-)

World of Warcraft - Video - Frenezy Zerg Tour screenshot


We had decided to try to down Velen in Exodar because we thought he was a boss, but we discovered he completely sucks in BC, so we chained some other bosses. Rather freestyle editing, personnally I didn't like it as much as what I've done since June, but the guild seems to apreciate it :-)
The goal of making this video a few months ago wasn't to create a masterpiece compared to some of my other videos, nor to create an elite PvP video at all, but to keep a good and fun memory for the guild.


One day, EU-Illidan server had crashed. Coincidentaly or not, a lot of people from EU-Illidan found each other back on EU-Archimond, with low level characters for most of them. We've "borrowed" a guild, formed a raid and decided to go kill Hogger and then rush Orgrimmar.
I like it but I don't recommend you to watch this video. I did it because we've had much fun that night.

World of Warcraft - Video trilogy - The gates of Ahn'Qiraj

VIDEO 04 - OPENING OF AHN'QIRAJ GATES EVENTS (The way they really happen ...)

A surrealistic trilogy showing how the events of the opening of Ahn'Qiraj gates happened on EU-Illidan (Feb. 2006).
It was meant to be THE most boring World of Warcraft video EVER MADE, but ... you'll see ...

The first part, rather short, basically contains the introduction generic and a few images of trying to film at the Cenarion Hold before the event.
The second part, the main part I'd say, is "more or less" a reference to "Lola runs" (but well, I've seen this movie so looooong ago).
The third part is made of experimental scenes using the world's environment that night (the lyrics were not placed there for random's sake), and the ending generic.
The fourth file is a bonus : the animation and music of the ending generic, blank, without the credit text.

(note : Though it was more of less filmed with Empire guild, this video is not to be considered as an Empire video and was never meant to be, I've always considered it as an experimental side project.)


Guild <Au Caribou Beurré> fights Thunderaan.
I was already in <Empire> guild when I filmed this, quickly done five minutes before raiding (BWL I think).
It was one of the last times Thunderaan's invocation would be considered as some kind of "server event" gathering a lot of people from every guild and both factions.


Guild <Au Caribou Beurré> fights Ghaz'Ranka in Zul'Gurub. The soundtrack is a song we used to laugh with on TeamSpeak (but I don't understand German).


A Gnomish raid against Thunder Bluff ! Fun project organised by Barnabé.
This was the very first time wa using Fraps (I think it was the demo version) and the very first time I've made a video from a video game.